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, with your questions, putting your finger on what is a really critical problem that goes unmentioned. and that's the news media. and especially now when the news media's really under such pressure, and it's never going to be the same again. it's hard to imagine how this is going to play out. but going back in time, you know, two or three years to the news media that existed over the last 200 years,ing you can lay the blame for much of what has gone on by their failure, by its failure to ask the right questions. >> host: well, allan makes a comment on our facebook with page for you, are there any young journalists that you feel are replicating the kind of in the-depth reporting that you practice? >> guest: there are a lot of good juniorists out there, and, in fact, we're in the odd situation, there's a national award named after us which is administered by a fat arone university. >> guest: i thought they were supposed to wait until we were dead. [laughter] somebody misjudged, i don't know. >> guest: that's right. but every year some pretty amazing material goes in to the -- they word
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1